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Is it OK for me to use technology in the classroom?

Dear Barbara,

I have been a sub for about ten years now. Classrooms have really changed! I want to keep up, but I feel uneasy about using the new technology in the rooms where I am a “guest teacher”.

Do you think it's OK for me to try using a SMART BOARD?

Judy in Brooklyn, NY

Dear Judy,

If you want to be a valuable sub, you would be wise to learn all the new technology that is available in our schools today. After all, with each year, the technology advances. You will want to stay up with these wonderful teaching aids.

There is usually a student in the room who will be an expert. Find that child and get some help. Start small, and learn a few simple things. If possible, ask the teacher next door, or the Department Chair, if it is OK for you to use the equipment. One of them will give you some direction.

Take the initiative and learn about Smart Boards. There are many websites to help you. This You Tube Video gives clear directions and explanations for Smart Boards.

This excellent website provides directions for using the Document Camera. It provides clear instructions for you.

If you do a web search on the type of technology used in your school system, you will find all the information you will need to get started!

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