Have you ever thought about becoming a substitute teacher? Maybe you're thinking about teaching as a full-time career but want to try it out before you commit. Maybe you're between jobs and would like to give subbing a try. Or maybe you're already a sub and would like to become a better teacher. This Web site is for you!

We'll point you to many substitute teacher resources, and as important, to a new book,

Substitute Teaching from A to Z

written by Barbara L. Pressman and published by McGraw-Hill.

You'll learn techniques for effective classroom management, how to introduce yourself, what to put in your 'bag of tricks', survival techniques in the classroom, and much, much more.

About the book—Substitute Teaching from A to Z

Administrators—How to Use this Book

Interesting facts about Substitute Teaching

Substitute Teaching Resources

Dear Barbara—An Advice Column for Subs

Media Report! A recent article in South Florida's Sun Sentinel contains an interview with Barbara and talks about Substitute Teaching from A To Z.